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Lip Trills & Shakes Page 4

FIRST: Learn lip trills in the lower register and learn to do them with lip, jaw, or tongue motion avoiding the use of changing pressures as much as possible. Do not go to the extremes of fighting the use of pressure as this could delay all progress; just concentrate on the use of tongue, lip, and jaw.

SECOND: Learn to trill in all of the harmonic series starting with F#, bottom space. Learn all seven positions starting with 1-2-3 and work upwards.

THIRD: Use the metronome! Start at a comfortable speed and increase the speed on notch at a time to your limit. Do this on all fingerings in all the series possible for you.

FOURTH: "Lip" as sharp as you can when practicing these exercises, this is very important. These exercises should be worked up to four notes per tick at 120. If you find that you are too tired to continue above the staff, try starting on a higher harmonic, after you have gotten to a fairly good speed on the lower notes. Quarter Note=80

FIFTH: When you can trill up to high C (from high Bb to C) start a trill on the top line F# (1-2-3) lipping up and keeping your lip in a fixed position. Push the trumpet toward your mouth and relax, push and relax, go as fast as you can and as slow as you can. Try to have control at all speeds.

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