Jazz Trumpet Player Rich Szabo and his Big Band

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Testimonials About Rich Szabo

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"The band is outragous!" -Maynard Ferguson

"...a dream come true for fans of the trumpet's altissimo register" - Jazz Trumpet Journal

"Szabo is a vibrant trumpet player. This is a charging band that seems relentless in its verve and capacity to wail!" - Dr. Herb Wong

"If Rich Szabo's recorded effort is any indication, we will have another great big band soon"- Ray Anthony

"The band and recording are fantastic!"- Neal Hefti

"I am one of Rich's ardent admirers" - Frank Sinatra, Jr.

"America's newest, hottest band! The most exciting new band I have heard in years!" Roy Belcher, Big Bands International, London England

"Rich Szabo's big band is a hard charging, fully contemporary ensemble that eschews flirtation with fusion and other flavors of the month" - Cadence Magazine

"Szabo is to be commended for orchestrating a workable balance of the traditional and the contemporary. With music in the hands of youngsters like this, who worries about big bands fading away?" - Jazz Times

"The orchestra is great, and so are the soloists. Fred and I enjoyed the recording so much that we played it for the cast and crew." - Jon Costa, Music Director, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

"For sheer aural and visceral impact, there are a few musical experiences that compare with hearing the Rich Szabo Big Band. It's a journey through soaring, innovative charts, interpreted by professionals possessing an inate swing factor." -Tom Mongelli, WDHA-FM's Jazz& More

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