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Lip Trills & Shakes Page 5

Remember, lip up between the notes to be played, hold the lip fixed, trill using the up and down movement of the jaw or the flapping of the tongue as in whistling, then go to the hand shake. The wider interval, the "Basie" trill, is done by a lip action and is different, easier, then the fast trill of a tone or a major minor third.

Lip the pitch high (a bit sharp) and keep your lips there. Don't lip so high that your tones is distorted. Say the syllables "ta-ee-ya-ee". These syllables are not much help in the lower registers but you will form the habit of using them. They will be very helpful in the high registers. The tongue motion should cause a slight up and down movement of the jaw deliberately so if you don't get immediate results, discontinue the deliberate jaw motion. Don't resist it if it is natural. It should go without saying, but unfortunately often needs to be said, use plenty of air support. That means to literally "push" the air through the horn don't just let it dribble out.

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