Jazz Trumpet Player Rich Szabo and his Big Band

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Rich Szabo Scrapbook Page 5

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Maynard Ferguson Band

Maynard Ferguson Band 1979
(L-R Stan Mark, rich Szabo, MF

Maynard Ferguson Band

Maynard Ferguson Band 1979

(L-R Stan Mark,  Jeff Pittson/Piano, Tom Rizzo/Guitar, Rich Szabo, Lou Carfa/Bass, MF, Danny Barber, Joe Mosello, Eric Traub/Tenor, Mike Migliore/Alto, Phil Gray/trombone)

Mayanrd Ferguson Band

MF Band 1979 Scranton, PA

(L-R: Jim Rupp/Drums, MF, Vemu Macunda/Vena, Eric Traub/Tenor, Mike Migliore/Alto, Al Music/Tambura, Ed Maina/Bari. BACK ROW L-R:
Joe Mosello, Stan Mark, Danny Barber, Rich Szabo)

Rick Henly, Jon Faddis, Rich Szabo

Rick Henly, Jon Faddis, Rich
February 2, 2002

Paul Stephens - Rich Szabo

Paul Stephens - Rich
March 1, 2002

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