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Complete Breathing Page 8


In order to learn to breathe correctly from the diaphragm - easily completely and naturally - it is wise to practice it lying down, since it is then easier to relax the muscles of the abdominal wall, which serve to hold us upright when we are sitting or walking. Later you will be able to breathe from the diaphragm whenever required - even when walking or running. To insure complete comfort it is often a good idea to place a cushion under the knees: this diminishes the lumbar arch. Do not lie on too soft a surface, because although it is possible to breathe from the diaphragm when in bed, it is even better to do the exercises on some firm support - such as a rug laid on the floor. When practicing it is a good idea to close the eyes: this helps to increase concentration. Before you begin, be sure to breathe out completely a few times; either by giving a few sighs, after which you pull in the stomach thus contracting the abdominal muscles, in order to get rid of any remaining air, or, if alone in the room, by emitting the sound OM. This obliges you to breathe out slowly and completely - and since the sound should be uniform, you will be able to expel the remainder of the air at the rate required. sound a long and sonorous OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM, vibrating the MMMMMMM inside the skull, and concentrating meanwhile upon the various muscles of which the abdomen is composed.

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