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Complete yogic respiration incorporates all three methods, integrated into one single, full and rhythmic movement. The method is best studied while you are lying on your back, here is a brief description of the various phases:

* Empty the lungs entirely.

* Slowly lower the diaphragm allowing air to enter the lungs. When the abdomen swells filling the bottom of the lungs with air...

* ...expand the ribs without straining, then...

* ...allow the lungs to completely fill by raising the collar-bones.

Throughout this procedure, the air should enter in a continuous flow, without gasping. No noise must be made for it is essential to breathe silently! It is of the utmost importance to concentrate the mind entirely upon the action of breathing! When the lungs are completely filled, breathe out, in the same sequence as when inhaling. Now breathe in again in the same way. You may continue for as long as you wish. It should not induce any discomfort of fatigue.

You can practice it at any time of day, whenever you think of it, at work, walking, any time; breathe consciously and as completely as possible.

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