Jazz Trumpet Player Rich Szabo and his Big Band

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Rich uses an AMT #P800LS Trumpet Microphone.

Specifically designed for the trumpet and flugelhorn. Clamps onto body of the instrument to allow the bell to resonate. Comes with true acoustic pre-amp belt pack with chip technology. Can be used in either high or low impedance. Also supplied: low impedance cord and wireless interface which is a self contained power source for the microphones. It has adjustments for volume, low trim and high trim. All this in a very small unit 1 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/2" and attaches to the transmitter of a wireless system. incorporates harmonic dampening and has a 155 degree pattern, giving the system a great rejection rate to background noise. RIch's mic also feature an iso-ring which completely eliminates any valve noise.

(Iso-Ring not pictured)  


If you want to check more info on AMT Microphones CLICK HERE

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